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When I was 18 and newly graduated from high school, I decided I would steer a course to med school. To become a Doctor like Dad and Mom, who would hesitate for long? Yet, the catch was I lacked a bit of maturity and my attendance left a lot to be desired. Back to square one: meaning the benches of the Science Faculty. I got myself caught into studying Biology, which would then become a full-fledged passion of mine. Ensued a Master's Degree and a Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology. These degrees were what it took to get a position as a researcher in a lab of the Lausanne University in Switzerland. Right at the beginning, everything looks promising. I feel well adjusted to my professional environment, and I am notoriously ambitious. Then, as years go past, disappointments start to heap up and disillusionment settles in. It becomes high time to face reality: although Science with a capital «S» enthralls me, I reckon I am not cut for the mould in which I am flailing.

Yet, no sweat, folks…it's got to be destiny beckoning! At long last, I can resurrect a dream I have had since my teenage years which has

As for the narrative…

has become a hobby filling the best part of my free time: wood cutting, wood shaping. Done, then! I resign to start an internship in Mickaël's cabinetmaking workshop. The plunge is taken: it is the first bold step taken in the real world of cabinetmaking. Thanks Mickaël! A few months later, it is time to get another perspective. I find another internship in Alfred Fawer's cabinetmaking workshop where I will get to learn an armful of educated knowledge, but above all a philosophy. Thanks so much, Alfred!!! When I feel I can now play my cards right, I rent appropriate premises, and invest all my savings in equipment, tools and most of all, WOOD. My workshop, « La Fibre Du Bois (The Wood Fiber) » is born! I do not claim to be a seasoned cabinetmaker, but here I am with a cabinetmaking workshop and a tenacious tendril attached to it… A hearty thanks to HER who share my life and to those who help, support and above all have faith in me. Damien Ythier

My point of view​

I am committed to produce creations or custom-made creations of high-end furniture. When designing a new part or furniture, I strive to stick to three guidelines that I deem fundamental. First, nothing should be superfluous. I have a soft spot for pure, simple designs that seem to me the keystone of sobriety and elegance. Second, as a self-declared material lover, I am fond of playing with colors, textures, aspects and the physical and chemical properties of what I am working with. All substances are beautiful! In my viewing, it is quite enough to work and combine them without messing with their integrity. Last but not least, aesthetics, although all-important, should never, ever supersede the utilitarian and practical use of any piece of furniture. It is why each and any of my renderings display functionalities as discreetly as possible, thus provoking amused surprise.

Yet, I am far from being a lone wolf secluding himself at the far end of his workshop. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my passion with other people around. I get to work with other unhinged craftsmen, such as stone-cutters, blacksmiths, glass-blowers and so on… Looking forward to make your projects come to life, then…

The workshop

My workshop is located in Pomy on the heights of the city of Yverdon-les-Bains, in Switzerland. The working area occupies 150 m² (1,600 sq ft), and is divided in three parts. First, an area devoted to the bulk of the equipment including a format circular saw, a band saw, a surface-planer and a spindle-moulder. Second, an area reserved for the putting-together, assembly and finishing. Last comes a wood warehousing area. Anybody willing to meet me or take a look at the workshop is always welcome. However, it seems best to get in touch with me prior to coming to make sure I am here when you come.

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